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We’ve already introduced our other flavor of the month. And so far it’s a hit with our members! We started this flavor with none other than nature’s true candy - Maple Syrup. And then topped it off with donuts for an even sweeter touch!
milkmade flavor #105. Maple Glazed Donutmaple-donut ice cream with chunks of glazed donuts
Welcome March - the time to tap those trees for their magnificent maple sap so we can make our annual maple pint. This year it’s a Maple Glazed Donut pint with help from our friends at Dough bakery in Brooklyn. Inspired by the good old days - the weekly family trip to the old donut shop in town, where you could always count on a maple glazed - this pint is best paired a cup of Joe. A scoop for breakfast is encouraged!
featuring:Maple from Deep Mountain Maple, VTDonuts from Dough, Brooklyn, NY